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ESOL Learning Centre started its homeschool support programme to help parents who wish to homeschool their children.  We are  using the Cambridge curriculum for primary and lower secondary students.  Our aim is to prepare students for the IGCSE exams.

It is a more fun-based learning method, developing the critical thinking skills of children.  All our students are required to bring their laptops as we teach our children how to research online, use powerpoint to do presentations, do assignments etc using their computers.  We also work within the ability of the child so that no child will be left behind.




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    • MRS TEOH

      Can please give me where your location and full address?need to know the school time?

      • superadmin

        Thank you for your enquiry regarding our home school programme. We are located at Desa Tanjong, situated next to Island Plaza. Pleae call us if you need to find out more information. My office number is 04-8999510 or my handphone is 0124311105.

        Shama Sankaran
        ESOL Learning Centre

        • superadmin

          Hi Mrs. Teoh,

          Sorry. Our office no. is 04-8999519.

    • Angee

      Hi, Teacher
      is it possible for me to visit the school and enquiry more about homeschooling?

      • superadmin

        Hi Angee,

        Thank you for writing. Sure, you can come and visit our centre. We prepare students using the Cambridge curriculum. You can call me at 0124311105 or 04-89994105 and make an appointment.

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