Find Answers to the most frequently asked questions about TIME TABLE.

In home school we run our programs just like any other schools. If you wish to take selected subjects, we do recommend our tutoring class. Just give us a call and we can arrange it

To view our fees, please visit the link>>> 

Yes, we can provide students with additional subjects. It will be under extra tutoring. Please consult our educator. Call us or drop us a mail

Please call our main branch to obtain the exact academic calander

Yes we do organised outdoor activities. Esol emphasized in holistic education. We often expose students to outside activities such as a short excursion to Penang Museum, War Museum, Botanical Garden and etc. Our approach is to bring education to the next level where students are able to correlate between what they have studied and the practical world.

Our number of students varies from 6 to 15 students. At Esol, we try our best to limit the number of students in a class. This is to ensure students maximise their learning capacity during academic engagement.

Class is conducted with the help of multimedia, charts, presentation, tutoring and even outdoor activities.