IGCSE Centre In Penang

Esol Home Schooling is the best home school in Penang. There are many reasons why we consider ourselves to be the best. Among the reasons are:-

  1. We have a IGCSE Consultant who visits our and provide training to all our teachers
  2. All our teachers have great passion in teaching. We make learning fun
  3. Our programs are holistic covering from academic, social, physical and emotional development
  4. Students who enroll in Esol will have a chance to mixed around with International students
  5. We have great standardization in our learning material. We also use the latest Honbridge syllabus to teach
  6. We even provide transport to students

Who is our consultant?

It is a our privileged to have Miss Indriani to work with us. She has trained countless number of teachers who includes MRSM, Local Schools and International Schools .  Her experience in the IGCSE educational system helps us to establish greater in depth of the British curriculum.

For more information about Esol Home School. Please feel free to give us  a call


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