Logos Hope

ON 17th SEPTEMBER, the students and teachers went to the Logos Hope ship around 12:30pm by bus. Logos Hope, the ship which is the world’s largest floating book fair stopped at Penang Port’s Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal. With over 400 volunteers from more than 50 different nations, Logos Hope aims to bring knowledge, help and hope to the people around the world. The Logos Hope ship offers a variety of activities for children to enjoy themselves. The students took pictures with a mascot called ‘El Captiona’ and were given DIY ships for participating in mini games. They even get to buy books! Being in a ship filled with people from different walks of life also gave the students a chance to socialise with people. Not only that, we are very proud of our students who took responsibility looking after each other. It has been a fun week and kudos to our the students who did extremely well in the activities. It is now time to open our books and settle down after having an adventurous week.

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