Dear Students (Important!!!!!)

We will be having a two weeks holiday programme from 12th - 23rd December 2016 themed Animal World. Children will be exposed to fun and exciting activities related to wild and farm animals, pets, endangered species and more. This Holiday Programme also includes a field trip to Taiping Zoo (optional) and ends with a Christmas Party on the last day. Weekly and Daily options are also available. Seats are limited to the first 20 students. For more information / details, kindly contact us at 04 - 8901079 / 017 - 4941482 or drop us an e-mail at Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Time Table

Time table for your daily class and extra curricular activities


Events for all the outdoor activities. Purchase of tickets


Hi parents and students, this will be Esol's new website celebrating its 4th year of Home Schooling program. At Esol, we ensure every student loves to learn and enjoy coming to Esol. Our approach in education is holistic and we tend to keep it that way. With the balance of academic, social and extracurricular activities... you are bound to love Esol in every way.

More: Starting from year 2015, we will be offering multiple courses, expert instructors and best management of your time, effort and money. A modernized institution that takes care of every aspect of learning including exam prepration, overcoming the weaknesses & skill enhancement.


With more than 15 years in teaching experience, Esol emerges from a simple English Tutorial Centre into a Home Schooling Centre. Today Esol is running with a total of 50 students. We have even engaged a professional IGCSE consultant to help our students to further their studies in university.


List of subjects offered by Esol Home School.


Our fun art class helps students to be creative when comesto drawing, painting and buiding.


Join our class filled with excitement and also experiments. We will be playing with chemicals and fully supervised by teachers


Math class with origami creativity. Let's think out of the box


Love to sing! Yes we do incorporate the singing session where students can sit down in a group to sing. We will harness your talent too


Love history? Want to know who invented the first telescope. Join our history lesson

Self Prep

We prep students for IGCSE at early age