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Our mission is to empower and equip children with knowledge beyond text book learning, enhance creativity to discover their potential and gifts which will unleash unlimited possibilities to fulfill their purpose and destiny.




Our Vision



To empower and equip staff and students with foundational character building, discovering potential and developing mature growth to prepare them into becoming highly effective people that leads them to success.





ESOL’s 5 core values are:
1. Integrity
2. Respect
3. Responsibility
4. Service
5. Leadership

It is the foundation on which we teach our children to perform in their work and conduct themselves in their attitude and behaviour.

It is also what our teachers use to guide us on our teaching practises and how we make decisions in our classrooms in guiding and helping our students


Homeschool that provides UK curriculum preparing them for the IGCSE exams

Emphasized in Holistic Learning and Academic Performance


At ESOL, my teachers gave me the personal attention I needed as classes are small, and their effective teaching methods and experience allowed me to excel in my subjects as well as in my IGCSEs. They are very dedicated in their teaching and they put so much of their time and effort into my learning. I got to experience and learn things that not only will help me in my academics, but also for my life ahead. I’m coming up on the next chapter in my life, which ESOL has readied me for.
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