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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Here at ESOL, we play as hard as we work too. School activities play an important role in our child’s education. They bring fun into learning and can build student confidence and critical thinking skills. They cover a wide range of skill based games, strategies, sports or interactive activities that can enhance educational development.

Co-curriculum Activities

  • Chess Club
  • Gardening
  • Art and Craft
  • Public Speaking

PE activities

  • Captain ball (CJ Basketball coaches)


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Awards Day 2022 🏆

Congratulations to all students🥳 Everyone did amazingly well and improved at their own pace 🏃

On this day, we had awards and spectacular performances by our creative students.


Good job to everyone and continue to strive! 🎊

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Cultural Day🪔🎊

Malaysia is the melting pot diverse cultures! Malays, Indians, Chinese and many other ethnic groups. Here at ESOL, we celebrate by putting on our best traditional attire and experiencing different activities from each culture!


This year, we had “Chopsticks 101”, “Tangyuan Making”, “Teh Tarik Making”, “Kain Pelikat & Batik Tutorial”, a delectable feast of Indian (e.g. Kaseri, Thosai) and Malay (e.g. Cokodok, Lempeng) cuisine 😋, and various traditional games!


What a fun day it was!


Last Day of School: Game Day😎✨

Student Council organised a series of games to lighten to mood for the very last day of Term 3! We were finally able to have the fun we missed out during the lockdown.


Along with that, a WHOLE ROW of scrumptious food contributed by everyone 🧃🍕🍣🍰 ! The day ended on a great note, with filled tummies and sweet smiles.


See you all in September!

Trip to Escape Theme Park!

On the last week of school, we love to provide fun and exciting moments for our students. This time, we visited the exhilarating Escape Theme Park Penang!


Throughout the day, everyone got to enjoy the various activities offered, both on dry land🧗‍♀️ and on water🏄‍♂️. Exhausting it was, but amusing memories it produced🤗

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